Improving portfolio companies

Our Portfolio

People Planet Profit will launch an investment company with a new brand called: People Planet Profit II B.V.​ A transformation will take place here, where we turn from a social investment vehicle of BAS Consultancy into a professional investment fund​. We will start opening up to other investors​ with clear goals on People, Planet and Profit​. Our knowlegde and experience on fair and ecological trade will be used to improve new porfolio companies​.

Moyee Ethiopia

Leading coffee company in Ethiopia
Moyee Coffee PLC is quickly becoming the first multi-national coffee company based out of Ethiopia. They have managed to become the first ISO certificated Coffee Roaster in Ethiopia​, with revolutionary FairChain practices such as world-class roasting and packaging facilities, living wages and also having a large amount of female employees.

When it comes to the numbers, Moyee pays a premium of 20% premium on top of the cherry primary market price with revenues of over € 1 million in 2019​. Moyee has also sold over 5 million cups of Fairtraide coffee in 2019.

The company is Further growing in Ethiopia and other African coffee drinking growth markets. ​Moyee Coffee has also acquired new warehouse and roasting facilities since January 2020​. Expansion in Europe and the middle East is currently happening, while also launching new brands.


Fairtrade organic fruit
AgroFair is a true market pioneer in producing and importing organic and Fairtrade tropical fruit, mostly bananas, banana paste and sweet potatoes. The company based in, the Dutch fruit center, Barendrecht has been a frontrunner in Europe, which is the world’s biggest importer of bananas with a market share of 28%.

The current People Planet Profit values are as following: 3.9 million dollars of Fairtrade premiums have been paid in 2018​, continuous focus to lower the amount of pesticides and significant reduction of Water usage by stable cash return.

In the future we aim for a turnover of 100 million, promoting equal opportunities male/ female, monitoring pesticides through use off Pesticide Footprint Model, improve watermanagement and healthy soils. Lastly, our focus here will be on animal welfare as well.

Johnny Cashew

Join the cashew revolution!
One simple question that turned the Johnnies' lives upside down in 2020. Because a cashew nut from Tanzania that travels all the way via Asia to the Netherlands? That means 12,000 unnecessary transport kilometers and associated emissions. Insane. We were going to do that differently.

Fortunately, the solution is clear: keep your paws off other people's nuts! We must ensure that all cashew is processed in the country of origin and comes directly here. That is easier said than done, because then we have to raze the chain to the ground and rebuild it.

View more about Moyee & AgroFair's fairchain

Our next step

Over the next years we will have a further focus on food chains starting at smallholders in developing countries.​ We want to Balance the value chain towards smallholders, by shifting revenue from developed countries to developing countries. Our desire will be to target natural, traceable, and sustainable products.​ Our portfolio will primarily consist of companies who produce fruits, coffee, cocoa, tea and nuts and seeds. With all this we hope to become a strong market power on fair and ecological products​.
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